Make your own pouches, cages and toys etc.

Toys made from plastic hardware cloth (Glider Central post)
Tom's Flex Wheel Clone (Glider Central post)
Glider Connection: Build your own cage 23x23x36
BMXGirl: Build your own cage 4 1/2 feet by 3ft by 2 ft (this website no longer seems to be working, so I have changed the link to the archived version))
Making A Wooden Frame for a Sugar Glider Cage (Glider Central Post)
Lay's/Pringle can tunnel (Glider Central post)
How to make a simple cage pouch by Candiflip
How to make a corner pouch by Candiflip
How to make a basic bonding pouch by Candiflip
How to make a window pouch by Candiflip
How to make a small hammock by Candiflip
No sew fleece pom-pom ball toy
BMXGirl's Glider Kitchen (Glider Central Post)
No sew fleece sleeping pouch by Suz Enyedy
No sew fleece bonding pouch by Suz Enyedy
No sew fleece corner hammock by Suz Enyedy
No sew fleece braided rope by Suz Enyedy
No sew ring toy, trampoline, mattress, cube, shelf and bridge by Suz
Make your own Glidarium by Flying Elvis (Gliders Anonymous post)
Sew your own cage cover (I would leave the front panel off)
Coconut house instructions
Various ways to make fleece vines (Glider Central post)
No sew cage cover (Glider Central post)
No sew cage cover for a different shaped cage (Glider Central Post)
Glider No Sews: Cylinder Pouch, Bow Pouch, Water Bottle Tunnel, Wodent Wheel Modification, Tissue Box Pouch, Trampoline and Corner Shelf by Boomtinks

Sugar Glider Links
Sugar Glider Diet
(BML) Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters
Judie's BML
The Pet Glider Nutrition System
Suncoast Diet
Darcy's Diet
HPW (high protein wombaroo diet) Diet
Ca:P Ratios for Fruits from The Iguana Den
Ca:P Ratios for Veggies From The Iguana Den
Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Apple Crunch Ball, Easy Protein Source
Creative Recipes-snacks and treats (Gliders Anonymous Forum post)
Amie's Glider Birthday Cake (Gliders Anonymous Forum post)

Mealworm Info/Suppliers
AmyMichelle's Mealie Farming 101
Fluker's Farm

Glider Behavior and Anatomy
Gliders Uncensored
Detailed description of sounds and sound files to listen to.
Glider Sounds
Explanation of Glider Sounds
Scent Glands
Description of a Sugar Glider by Ruth             
Introducing Gliders

Glider Health
Self Mutilation site
E-Collar Plans
Create your own Glider Medical Kit (Glider Central Post)
Health issues
Glider Proofing your house
What to expect from a Wellness Exam (Glider Central post)
Make your own Toilet Safety Sign

Bourbon's Bonding method
Into The Bonding Pit
Tent Time bonding
Bra Training (Glider Central Post)
Critter Kisses

Sugar Glider Forums/message boards
Glider Central
Sugar Glider Alley
United Sugar Glider Network (rescue board)
Gliders Anonymous
Glider Sitters, Railroad, rescue forum
Rescue Projects 4 Gliders

Need more info use gigablast:

E-Collar Instructions Page 1
E-Collar Instructions Page 2
E-Collar Instructions Page 3